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Fees & Costs

For many transactions and certainly with standard conveyancing matters St John’s is happy to commit to charging a fixed fee. 


For additional clarification, please refer to the Government Stamp Duty guidance and our fixed fee estimate tables below. 


As part of St John’s policy of openness we would like to point out that ‘fixed fees’ can increase in certain special circumstances.  We can assure you that these variations are almost always restricted to unforeseen matters and events beyond our control.  We can also assure you that no additional fees will be incurred without advance notification and your being given the chance to consider and understand the reasons.

Conveyancing cost estimate - Freehold purchase
Fees - purchase @£250,000
Conveyancing cost estimate - Freehold sale
Fees - sale @£250,000

The following are examples of matters which can lead to the increasing of ‘fixed fees’:


  • Problems discovered in the course of our investigations which might prevent your continuing with the transaction or give rise to special financial or other risks;

  • Special levels of complexity;

  • Variations in third party disbursements;

  • Exceptionally high volumes of correspondence, documents or third party requirements;

  • Sudden requirement for extreme urgency to complete an arrangement requiring us to deal with work outside of normal levels of client-priority;

  • Unannounced office visits outside of pre-arranged appointments;

  • Where the need arises to consult outside specialists.  eg planning consultants and barristers

*Disbursements are costs payable to Third Parties that relate to your matter, for example stamp duty when buying a house

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